Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Beta Ends

The beta servers for Warlords of Draenor went down for good today.
Between extreme lag that caused me to not be able to res after being one-shot by the bosses, and other baddies, that were dropped in front of the Orgrimmar gates, and getting disconnected every few minutes, I didn't get many screenshots or videos.
I did get some, however, and you can view that here.

I thought I was pretty lucky to get video of the servers last seconds, because there was sooo many people there, as you can see.
It was total chaos.
Good times!
While I am a bit sad, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to Warlords going live.
If I hadn't gotten into the beta and got a chance to see the amazing content that is in store for us, I might have quit since I'm sooo sick of Mists, lol.

I sincerely hope I get to be a part of the next beta or even alpha test.
Thank you to Blizzard, for allowing me to be a part of the WoD beta. <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Great Rush of Patch 6.0

Well, the patch is right around the corner! Tomorrow is paaaaaaaatch daaaaaay!!!
I was looking forward to it, until.......
I read this article: http://www.wowhead.com/news=242815/preparing-for-6-0-guide-to-removed-mounts-pets-transmog-gear-titles-achievements#spells

Now, I am not looking forward to the patch landing tomorrow.

In the past couple of days I've had to cram as much WoW time as I could stand to get things done in the game I hadn't finished yet.
I've gotten to rank 8 in the Brawler's Guild and gotten stuck on Hexos for two days, after 100+ deaths (I am unfortunately not exaggerating) I finally got him!  I got stuck on Ahoo'ru, but got him after a few tries.
I managed to kill Garrosh with a semi-PuG group, which was awesome, let me tell you.
I finally got gold in the dps category of the proving grounds, but have not been able to get silver in a different spec or do endless.
After 12 hours of questing I managed to get the Thundering Serpent Hatchling by making a Death Knight character on another server, and joining a guild that had the pet from the challenge mode achievement.
I'm fairly certain that I am not going to be able to get those treasure room scenario achievements done on the Thundering Isle, since I have just a couple of keys left, and they won't drop anymore.
Thank GOODNESS I had spent so much gold to get the challenge modes done on gold with my warlock before I was out of town, worth it.

I don't understand why they're removing SO many things.
But what really sucks is they gave us only a 5 day warning to get all this crap finished.
Sure, they implied that the patch would land "in two weeks at the earliest" but that's not really the same as announcing it.

I probably would have had all this stuff finished by now if I hadn't been out of town for a month and a half, with an old laptop that can't run WoW.  I guess that's not Blizzard's fault, though.

I find it extremely disappointing that Blizzard has decided to cater to the "elite" group of little kids that play this game 24 hours a day, probably sharing an account between friends/family.

And the guys like this....

Those are the people that quit WoW as soon as the next professed "WoW kller" game comes out.  They inevitably do come back, unfortunately.
But for those of us who are adults with jobs and lives and social obligations, we just straight up get the shaft.  You've been a casual player of World of Warcraft for 10 years and NEVER canceled your account?  Yeah, well, fuck you.

A big part of it for a lot of people is, those things just weren't interesting enough to do when they first came out. Take me, for example, by then I was already sick of MoP, and I know quite a few other people were, too.
I think MoP will go down in WoW history as the worst expansion ever, because as much as I hated Cataclysm, at least I enjoyed Firelands and the second half of the Dragon Soul (I hated the first half of that place, though).  So that actually got kept me playing at the time.  I will go on in a separate post about why I hate MoP so much.

I think the removal of such a large amount of things and achievements is unfair to the casual player.  One thing I have always enjoyed about this game is going back to do old content at higher levels to get the things I wasn't able to get when it was current, because myself and my guild have never been "hardcore".  I actually find it quite fun to go back and pwn things. Haha

Anyway, this whole thing has kind of soured my enjoyment of the game and completely obliterated my excitement for the patch, since I've had to dedicate every waking moment to playing WoW and only playing WoW the last couple of days.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's October! And You Know What That Means....Hallow's End!

October is my favorite month out of the year.
Why, you ask?
Well, for one, Fall, my favorite season, where everything is cooling down and turning orange, and there's piles of leaves everywhere for my dogs to fling themselves into.

I wish I could pile them up this high for them to do this.
That guy's laughter absolutely cracks me up.

Then there's Halloween!  My favorite holiday! I love all that is black, purple, orange and creepy.
That brings us to the WoW holiday event equivalent, Hallow's End, which is great and awesome, and I love it.
I've had my Headless Horseman's mount for a while.

One of my favorite mounts in the game!

I have every achievement on my hunter, but sometimes I do the event on alts, just because I like this one, I think it's a lot of fun.  Making your character eat too much candy and throw up everywhere is pretty hilarious.  Although this year I may have to try that on the beta so I can see what kind of facial expression my troll makes when she pukes.  Hahaha!
Hallow's End will start the 18th and end Nov. 1st.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Slenderman: The Arrival - My Review

So, my little sister, (her name shall be Little Sister henceforth in my blog posts, not to be confused with the Little Sister in Bioshock...) talked me in to playing Slenderman: The Arrival.


OK, so first of all, the graphics are decent, much better than the original free download you could get off the website.  Probably not anything that's going to murder your computer, but I haven't played the computer version yet, I played it on Little Sister's Xbox.

Game play was simple, just run away, pick up things, close doors and windows, whatever, and sometimes shine your flashlight at things.


This was the scariest, most stressful game I have ever played, and I raided Molten Core at level during Vanilla World of Warcraft.

The intimidated feeling you get running through the woods, the downright TERRIFYING maze of the underground mines.
I LITERALLY felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I'm not even joking or being hyperbolic about that.
I had to take breaks from playing, because my chest was hurting and my hands went numb from gripping the controller.  I'm positive I would've broken the keyboard if I'd been on my computer.

I played it from beginning to end, twice.

This game is great!

You can download it from steam or amazon, and probably other sites too, right now it's $9.99.
Amazon download
Steam download

I have not been payed by the makers of Slenderman: The Arrival, or anyone else to write this review. I just really liked this game, I'll probably be buying my own copy soon. :-)

I know Slenderman is a sensitive subject for many people, as some misguided children have actually committed horrific crimes, such as murder, after reading the stories about Slenderman on the creepypasta website.
I am in no way condoning their actions, what they did was terrible and wrong.
However, I do not know these stories on creepypasta, I have not read them, I don't know what they say. What I do know is that the game and the original story of Slenderman have nothing to do with fan fiction written on creepypasta.  If the girls had stuck to just playing the game, they wouldn't have committed these crimes under the guise of doing it for Slenderman.
I do believe that people who are so mentally unbalanced would have found ANY reason to do these horrible things, whether it was for Slenderman, or rock music, or the spec on the wall that talks to them at night.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Been Out of Town

Actually, make that, been out of state.
I had to suddenly leave and book a not-quite-a-red-eye flight to go back to my home town for a family emergency. I was there for, a month and a half, ish.  Maybe a month and three weeks.
I don't want to go into too many details, suffice it to say, I lost someone very close to me, and it's been hard to deal with.

Anyway, I'm back home now, I'm TRYING to find a job that pays somewhat decently, but in my area if you don't have an engineering degree, or are a CEO of some sort, that's not easy to do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Troll Models

I didn't expect to be seeing this one so soon!
I gotta say, I almost fell outta my chair with excitement.
I have to say, Blizzard's timing on this one, with Robin William's death yesterday dealing a crushing blow to basically everyone in the world, me included, it was great to see an update today, and it's the TROLLS which is the race of my main character, and what's even better is, I love them!
I'm focusing on the female here since that's what I play, but I will put the pics of the male, too.

She looks so awesome!

Someone said they're ugly compared to other races but, they always have been, they're trolls.  
That's the point.  
They aren't prissy little girly-girls.  They'll fucking eat your face.  Some of them LITERALLY will eat your face, as the trolls in general are cannibals, albeit the ones we play in-game are not cannibals by choice.  Or maybe it was a condition of Thralls, he'd only let them into the Horde if they gave up cannibalism..... 
I don't remember now, but the point is, I think she looks great!  One thing to note about these particular screenshots, the face that they have redone here is one of the "ugly" or "angry" faces.  There is ONE "pretty" face for female trolls, that basically everyone uses exclusively, although you do see the occasional person who has a grumpy face.  I had one of the grumpy faces for years, but paid to choose a new one, after a wave of new players kept telling me I had demon eyes and looked super angry.  Again, she's a troll and that's the point.  But whatever, I changed it because I got tired of the whiny little kids whining at me about it.  Plus it was nice to have a little change.  Like how I had my troll's hair bright red for years, and this year went hot pink, like in this screenshot.  I like pink a lot more then red anyway. :-)
I feel like she has so much more personality now, aside from the fact my hunter will finally be able to blink her eyes, there's so much more in this face than there was before.  She's got a more sultry look in her eyes, at the same time she's a bit more fierce as well.  Her tusks are actually in her mouth like tusks would be (I think) instead of taped to her upper lip.  Huge improvement!  Absolutely love it!

Here's the boys!

First off, they look improved, they don't look very different, but they definitely look better.
Second, something weird happened with the coloration of the pictures of the males when I re-posted them here.  So, go to Blizzard's official post to see it looking nicer, because I don't know what happened here, and I can't seem to fix it.
 The male has a much less blocky and pixelated look while still looking basically the same.  I think he looks great.

One thing I am hoping for with these model revamps, is more options.  More faces, more customizations, more hair styles!  Etc.
I'm not really looking for a million slider bar options like in Elder Scrolls games where you can customize basically every single feature, because that always takes me several hours just to make a character when I have all of that at my disposal.  But, you know, a couple more face options, a bunch more hair options, more skin shades...actually skin colors could use slider bars.  For people who like olive toned skin for their human character, for example, but maybe they want to be darker or lighter than the current olive toned skin shade available. 
But I'm happy with Blizz just doing updates to what's currently in the game, and then adding more options in later. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MoP Challenge Modes

So the Mists of Pandaria challenge modes, the EXTRA heroic, heroic versions of the 5 man MoP dungeons, will be going away with the pre-expansion patch for Warlords, and the rewards you get for doing them will be unobtainable forever.

Why, you ask?
Kind of like that time they removed the plagued and black protodrakes, from the meta achievements of the first raid dungeon in the Wrath expansion, they think the rewards will be too easy to get once the expansion is out.  Which, easier to get, yes they would be.  TOO easy is debatable since the dungeons reduce your item level upon entering, but, sure, whatever you say, Blizzard.

Now, one thing I like to do is "retro" raiding, to go back to those old dungeons, and get the cool stuff we just weren't quite "leet" enough to get when it was current content.
Basically by removing things like the plagued and black protodrakes, and now these dungeon mode rewards, Blizzard is catering to the "elite" and "hardcore" group of players.  The group of immature whiners that get upset that they aren't "special" anymore for having done things when they were relevant.  Give them some damn feat of strength achievements, then.  But otherwise, fuck those kids, I pay for this game, and I want access to all of that crap, too!  Getting it later is fine with me, not having a feat of strength achievement is fine, too.  But I'm an adult and I don't have the time to sit here, hours on end, mastering the dungeon in order to get the stuff when it's relevant.  By the way "relevant" means "current content" which also translates too "takes for fucking ever".  How long is the Garrosh fight at the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid?  Seriously, like 15 minutes?  Our group was dying to that fight in the last phase, so that's toward the end of those 15 minutes, which means wiping to Garrosh twice takes about half an hour, and that my friends, is a waste of my precious free time.  And when you're an adult, that free time is Precious.


The trouble with the "cater to the whiny little 'leet' kids" strategy is that this is not what they usually do....(which is good because if they removed every thing like that after it's not "relevant" content anymore, I would have quit playing WoW a long, long time ago).
For example, just, a couple months ago I got the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider.  The reward for this meta achievement being the drake of the East wind.  There are NUMEROUS other such meta achievements with mount rewards, most of them some sort of dragon, it seems.  So why did they decide to remove the reward from the very first set of raid meta achievements, because they'd be "too easy to get", and then proceed to allow ALL the rest of them to stay in the game, obtainable at any time you're bored and have some spare time?
I have no idea what the logic behind that is, actually.
Personally, I'm glad thus far that they don't normally remove these things, because as I mentioned, I PAY a monthly fee for this game, and if I'm not only paying for the game itself, but the subscription fee too, every, damn, month, I want access to ALL of the content.  I don't want to pay the same amount to play the game as everyone else does, and then NEVER be able to have all the same things the kids that play twenty hours a day get to have, because I am an adult with a JOB, and other things to do, like spending time with my boyfriend, taking care of my dogs, eating, showering, cleaning my house, fulfilling family and social obligations, etc.

I really, really wanted that damn plagued protodrake but the leaders of the group I was raiding with at the time didn't push people to do the achievements at all.  I don't even think they tried most of them until the mount was already unavailable.

So, I'm now killing myself, playing a lot more than I want too, doing things I don't really enjoy doing (farming) trying to work up enough gold to buy a carry through the challenge modes in order to get the mount and the gear for my warlock.  I will have NO gold saved up for the upcoming expansion, because if I don't do this NOW, and spend every single copper all my characters have put together, to get just one of them through a gold challenge mode run, I won't be able to get the Pandaren phoenix mounts or the challenge mode gear.  Which sucks, because I really like that mount, and I really like the warlock gear set, although I hate the hunter gear set, which is normal, I hate most of the hunter gear in the game.  I think I will only be able to get ONE of the mounts too, when I wish I could get them all.