Monday, July 21, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Human Male and Draenei Male Models

I'm a bit late to the party on these, so I have to do two at once.  I've been busy dammit!
The new human male model and the new draenei male model
These guys are ripped.  Omg body builders for reals!  Is that what wearing heavy armor all day, running around constantly wielding heavy weaponry and shields does to a guy?  The draenei man's arms are so muscled that they don't even have wrists.  They're all veiny too.  I guess I never really looked at them before, since I play horde and all, but I didn't realize how muscled these guys are.  The draenei male seems to have been working out a LOT though, since he has much more defined ab muscles now than he did before.  The human male was pretty muscly before.

The huge difference is in the human male face.  He looks like a man now!  Not so much a beady eyed pixel that's supposed to be a face.

The human male looks a lot better than before.  But, I feel like these models, both of the human models specifically, don't look different enough.
I don't know why I think that.  It's like, the texture is a huge upgrade, but the shape of the character is the same.
I guess that's what they're going for?
They're still EXTREMELY gender dysmorphic, but again, I guess they wanted to just update the models so they were less blocky and slap a better texture on them.  The draenei model itself definitely looks very similar from it's before and after pics, basically the big difference is in the texture.  That's probably because the draenei, along with the blood elves, are newer than the original 8 races, so the model was a bit smoother.
The biggest difference in both races is the faces.  I think Blizzard has done quite a good job on making them look more realistic, although their body types are completely UNrealistic, but, it is a game, and I guess if men ran around wielding heavy weapons all day, they might be that muscled too.

So you know what this means, don't you?
This means the Alliance is almost DONE.  All that's left is male Night Elves I believe, unless they did show them and I missed it, and then after that the majority of the Horde races still need to be done.
Which kind of "grinds my gears" because I'm Horde and WTF.  When World of Warcraft originally came out, the LAST race they added was trolls.  That means they had Alliance done before Horde then, too.  I'll take this moment to remind everyone, my main character is a troll.  All my other characters?  Blood elves.  So of course I'm looking forward to those race updates the most, and I could start taking bets right now, that those two races, the females of each probably, will be the LAST ones they release updates for, since those are the ones I play.  Why do I think this?  Because Blizzard hates me.  I've been saying it for years, and maybe I'll make a separate post one day explaining why I've always said that, but I'm pretty sure they do sometimes.

Oh, and here's the pictures of the new human male and draenei male models. 

Human Male

Draenei Male

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Advertisements on Websites

Advertisements on websites annoy the fuck out of me.  My most extreme example of a website I used to go to regularly, like more than once a day, was the Examiner.  Then they started to put in some ads.  Then some more.  One day, there was a commercial playing, waaaaay at the bottom of the page.  I had to scroll all the way down and stop the video in order to be able to even read the article I was trying to read, because I just can't concentrate on anything if there are loud voices talking.  Then one day there was two videos playing, at the same time.  Then one day, my computer completely crashed just trying to load the website, because there was two to three LOUD videos playing, a silent video, and an advertisement that overtook my entire screen that was also a video of some sort video.  Boom.  Crash.

Now, maybe this is my fault somehow, because I don't have a brand new computer that's specifically geared to run multiple videos at the same time.  My computer is actually geared for playing video games, which is does rather well, so I'm not sure what the problem is.  Maybe my video driver is out of date.  But that doesn't change the fact that, in order to read the articles on the Examiner website that I want to read, I have to spend about five minutes turning off ads.  It's really just fucking annoying.

I know that these free websites have to make money somehow, but I don't understand why they think it has to be via some extremely loud advertisements that completely ruin my concentration and cause my computer to crash.  I seriously doubt I'm the only one who has this problem.  So I just have to stop going to the websites in question altogether.  Which would, reduce their income, I would think.  I'm the type of person that, if I think something is interesting or funny, I share it on facebook.  If I REALLY like it, I'll share it on twitter and instagram, too.  So, by making me want to avoid their website completely, they are getting less traffic than they would have if they'd just stuck with plastering banners and pictures all over the place.  I don't care about ads at all, as long as they aren't videos.

They other thing about this is, there's websites like Publisher's Clearing House, if you want to play their online games, or enter sweepstakes, or anything at all on their website, you get to watch a commercial in between.  This isn't so bad, it doesn't crash my computer since it's only one and it doesn't take over my entire screen.  But!  You can't mute them.  At all.  I have to turn my sound off to my entire computer in order to mute the videos.  I don't know why, but I feel like that sort of thing should be illegal.  They force you to listen to the damn videos, unless you go that extra mile and just switch off your speakers, like I do.  Which is ridiculous, this means I can't listen to my music or my video game sounds, or anything at all, while I'm hoping beyond hope I win a million dollars and can stop stressing about money so bad for a while.  Of course since I live in California, the money problems will never end, but that's not the point I'm making here.  The point is, these advertisements and commercials on websites have gotten completely out of control, and I'm sick of it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Beta Has Started!

The Warlords Beta has officially begun!
Well, like a week ago now, I've been busy, and writing is time consuming for me.
But, thank goodness. I was getting worried they'd never start it and push back the expansion release date even further.
I am more than excited, and relieved, to exclaim I got in!
As I explained in the previous post, I am absolutely sick to death of Mists.
So, this is absolutely great, not only do I have WoW to play that I don't hate, but I get to beta test a new game which is something I love to do!

I have access to Invincible for some reason, so here's a screenshot of my troll hunter riding him, since this is probably the only time I'll ever get to ride this insanely cool mount.

See you in Draenor!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Seriously! Where. The HELL. IS IT?!
I am absolutely freaking sick of Mists of Pandaria.
SICK of it
I can't stand this expansion anymore, playing it makes my teeth hurt, I try to do things, anything for enjoyment in the game, but there's really not much that I enjoy in the game anymore.
I enjoy my little farm, and I like pet battles, and I've always enjoyed raiding with my guild.
The problem with those things is I'm doing them in Mists of Pandaria and I just haaaate it.
I have played this game since release of vanilla WoW, hell, I was in closed beta for a while before it released, even.
I've played World of Warcraft for about a decade.
I obviously have always loved this game.  I think I took a month off once sometime in Burning Crusade, because I got a new job that exhausted me, and most of the time that I wasn't at work, was spent sleeping, and taking care of my dog, and the cat I had at the time.  (If you're worried about why I don't have the cat now, it's because he lives with my friend's mom now, and has for a few years.)

Even when I took that month off, I still logged in for 10 minutes every few days to say hi to my guildies, so I didn't cancel my account.
The only time I've really considered canceling my account, was in Cataclysm, because that expansion just sucked.  It was more of a rework of old world content than it was new content for max level.
I think the ill-fated game Star Wars, the Old Republic is a good indication of the fact that, in these massive multiplayer games, max level is everything!
The leveling experience in SWTOR was nothing short of amazing, it really was an awesome game.
But then we all hit max level, and there was nothing to do, but raid the same 1 or 2 raid dungeons, and run the same two groups of dailies every day.  There may have been three groups, I don't really remember.
Long story short, everyone quit, the game went free to play.

What saved Cataclysm for me, was the Firelands raid.  I don't know why, but I looooooved that raid.  We farmed it to death and I still enjoyed it.  I honestly feel that, as the raid leader (sort of, I'm not much of a leader in my opinion) my enthusiasm for the Firelands raid was what kept everyone else going, too.  When there's at least one person who's super excited to be playing the game with everyone, the feeling is catching.
But now I'm very agitated and grumpy about simply having to log in, and I feel like that rubs off on at least some of my fellow raiders, which isn't exactly setting us up for success.

In Mists there isn't really that super fun thing I can do over and over again.  I'm sick of the raids, the dailies, the zones, the cities, all of it.  The MUSIC!  I'm sick of the whole damn expansion, which is kind of sad for me because I really loved it at first.  But now, logging in feels like a literal waste of time.  Pair that with the fact that barely anyone from my guild is ever online anymore, probably because it's a waste of time for them as well, and I just don't want to log in at all.  There used to at LEAST be someone to talk too in-game, but not anymore.

What this all means is two things, for one, 5 level expansions need to be a thing of the past.  We run out of new things to do WAY too quickly, then they don't add enough content patches with REAL content, and this is when Blizzard loses subscriptions.  I honestly don't know why they thought it was going to be ok to do this for two expansions in a row, except to even things out to be able to go from 90 - 100 instead of 85 - 95.  But if that's the case....
We really needed Warlords to come out already.
Like, April would've been good.  Or even earlier than that.
There's no PVP zone boss to farm, unless I missed something.
It just feels like something is missing from the Mists end game, and I don't have anything left that I have any desire to do.
Hurry up Warlords!  Don't make me wait until December. :-(

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ridiculous Things You Can Buy On The Internet

OK that's kind of a long title, sorry.  That's gonna screw up my twitter post when I try to share this....

Anyway, anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet already knows the internet is full of completely random crap that you can buy, and a lot of it is completely ridiculous, either in price or it's just a ridiculously impractical item.  I'm pretty sure "internet" actually translates too "ridiculous random crap" in some language.

This is a list of completely ridiculous things I've found.  These are either just completely ridiculous in general, like the Hello Kitty wedding dress, or ridiculously EXPENSIVE like the watch.

1.  Hello Kitty EVERYTHING!  From wedding dresses to shot glasses.  I've seen unspeakable things with the Hello Kitty theme, and I've even seen a Hello Kitty gun.  I couldn't find prices for the wedding dress or gun, but the shot glasses were about $20.

 Sooooooo pink.  I love pink

For the kitty loving alcoholic in you!

I am NOT providing a link to this.

2.  I shit you Astronomical watch.  Which is probably THE coolest thing I think I've seen in a very long time.  
Priced at $245,000.00 of course.  Sigh.

I don't think I've ever wanted something I can't have so badly.

3.  Offensive mug because LOL this would be hilarious in an office.  I almost removed this from the list, but it's too hilarious, so it stays. :-)
Priced at $19.95.

No longer satisfied with flipping off your boss from under your desk? Use this! 

4.  Dragon sweater, and I'd say this is the most expensive non-designer hoodie I've ever seen.
Priced at $499.99.
 Actually I think this is the most expensive hoodie I've EVER seen, including designers hoodies's a hoodie!

6.  Some sort of girly monster doll.
Priced at $199.00 new.

 I've always loved weird and unique dolls, but not for that price.

7.  This huge and brightly colored ring.
Priced at $2,399.00. 

This is probably the most pink I've ever seen on a ring at such a huge price.

8.  Artwork on EVERYTHING in your house! 
Prices vary by item, but they range from $18.99 - $189.99.
Shower curtain, blankets, place mats, pillows...they will put art onto ANYTHING and that is really, really cool!

 9.  iPad Air, this is ridiculous for me personally to buy, because I already have an iPad 2.  But it's kind of ridiculous for anyone anyway, these things are SO FREAKING expensive wtf!
Priced at $499.00 - $929.00.

I still want one, though. 

While we're at it let's add iPad mini to that as well, since we're being ridiculous and all.
Priced at $399.00 - $829.00

It's so cute!

10.  Sexy-time candle with supposedly a potentially expensive ring in it.  
Priced at $24.99.

It could have a ring in it worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000, and I love a good gamble!  Also you can get other scents of these candles from this site, I just thought the sexy time one was really weird.

 11.  An arcade game machine!  This is an ebay link, so prices vary WILDLY and I don't feel like listing them.  But I'm pretty sure even a human soul isn't worth that much.

You KNOW that you want this, though. I'm sold if it has Bubble Bobble!

12.   YOU CAN BUY A JETPACK!  Actually I'm not sure you can buy a jetpack itself, but it does look like you can pay some crazy fool to fly around with one for your entertainment. I couldn't find prices for that though.

I'm sure it's probably safe ..... you won't blow up or anything. Probably.
Note: Picture is of Boba Fett from Star Wars, not from the jet pack website.

13.  A Tardis mini-fridge!  This speaks directly to the Dr. Who fans out there, but also the INCREDIBLY lazy people out there who spend a lot of time at their desk.  Like me.  I totally want one of these.
Priced at $79.99.
For when you can't be bothered to get up and WALK to the fridge which is probably just within a few yards of your desk.

14.  Star Trek Into Darkness tunic dress replica!  Dude, I want one.  Wish I was skinny.
Priced at $219.99.
 Nerdgasms were heard across the land the day that site put these up.

15.  You can buy a Hobbit home!  
Priced at $4,695.00.
For kids I think. Pretty sure adults can't fit in there.  Which makes me sad faced.

16.  Hot pink boots of some sort.  These look like hot pink platform space boots. They look ridiculous and are a ridiculous color.  But hey, if you can rock these, I won't judge.  They're probably comfortable, at least.
Priced at $99.99. nothing.

17.  A DOG for 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!  This is the Tibetan Mastiff.
But, it's not even like a real's like a dog-lion cross!  I guess it's expensive to breed dogs with lions.  Also sounds really scary for the poor dog.  I hope it was a boy dog and a lioness, not the other way around. Yikes.

18.  Pretty much everything at  Lots of girly jewelry there, because nothing says love like nerd bling!
Did you want an Evenstar pendant like Arwen's?  You can get it at bling for nerds!
Priced at $89.99.
 Honestly?  I've wanted one of these ever since I saw the movies.

Or maybe you're more of a Twilight fan? Here's Bella's engagement ring.
Priced at $160.00.
I'd rather have the moon ring, but that doesn't make the list since it's reasonably priced.

19.  A fucking diamond pacifier.  That's right!  Baby bling!
Priced at $17,000.00.
I wonder what happens if the baby picks off and then swallows any of the diamonds...

20.  A roomba!  But not just any roomba, this one is specific for pets and allergies.  Note that it doesn't say pet hair, it just says pets.  Maybe this is the one for cats to ride around on?
Priced at $699.99.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Dog Got Stung By a Wasp

MY DOG GOT STUNG BY A WASP!!!!! :-(  :-(  :-(
I can't even capslock and unhappy face that enough.
I was walking my dogs, and the older dog suddenly stopped in her tracks and started biting at her paw, yanked a wasp off of her foot with her teeth, then viciously shook it before spitting it out and continuing on her way.
I was pretty surprised, since I didn't see the damn thing on the sidewalk at all.
After smashing it with my shoe because how DARE the little devil sting my baby!!! I decided to check if the stinger was still on the bug, or if I was going to have to get it out of her foot.  It was still on the bug, so it was definitely a wasp and not a bee.  I was wondering if it had actually stung her or not, but after a few steps she started limping dramatically and kept licking her paw.  Dammit, it definitely got her. :-(
I took her straight inside, and gave her some benedryl, right after her after-walk-treat.

This link and chart might be handy for anyone who may need to give their dog benedryl for any reason.

By this point she's hobbling around the house barely putting weight on that paw, because, as anyone who's been stung by a wasp can attest, wasp stings HURT.  Their venom is just straight painful.  Wasps and scorpions I know, have venom that just causes lots of pain.  Wasp stings are more painful than bee stings, BUT at least allergic reaction to wasps are less common than allergic reactions to bees.

 I felt so bad, look at how sad she is. 

After doing some googling, I found a few websites that said a weak baking soda and water mixture can help take away the pain.  So I put 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a pint glass of water, then put some of it in a bowl.  A lot of the water ended up on the floor.  My Ophelia HATES to have her feet touched and messed with, so holding her foot in a bowl of water, and while she was in so much pain, wasn't something she wanted so she kept jerking her foot around and spilling the water.  I wasn't mad at her, of course.  And getting mad at this dog would only make things worse, since she's a big bag of emotions.  I think I managed to keep her sting in the water for a total of seven minutes, and the response was immediate.

Ouchie! :-(
She was actually able to walk without limping too much, and her foot and leg were no longer trembling as she held it in such a way to keep things from touching it.
The benedryl knocked her out though, she spent a lot of time sleeping off the pain of her sting.  I had to go to work for four hours, but by the time I got home, she wasn't limping at all.  She was licking at it sometimes, but that's it.
Today, she's totally fine, like nothing happened.

All better!

I'm extremely glad that it seems she isn't allergic to wasp stings at all, and she didn't get stung in the mouth when she yanked it off of her paw and shook it.  Aside from some flailing when I put her paw in the water, she's a very good patient. <3

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Night Elf Female Model


The Night Elf female update!!!!
I know a LOT of people out there were looking for this one.  I mean, you can't turn around in the alliance cities without running into a fem nelf, usually dressed down to her skivvies and dancing on a mailbox.  Or just dancing anywhere.

 It doesn't look like they changed the shape of her too much, it seems this particular update is mostly in the texture file.  The shape changes to her body are very subtle, not as drastic as the undead female.  Her hands are a bit smaller it looks like, thank goodness.

It looks like she finally went shopping at Tyrande's Secret!  She was definitely in need of an underwear upgrade.

I personally am looking most forward to seeing the blood elf and troll updates!