Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pale and Proud?

In pictures I posted previously, you can see my pale skin is very pale.  I have many, many, many, many times been told by people to "Get some sun."  Which makes me go into rage mode at light speed.
Get some sun?  Get some sun?!?!  First of all, you don't "get" sun, you go outside and stand in it, you can't go "get" it and then just "have" the sun.  If you're pale like me, and you go out to "get" some sun, you fry within minutes.  I can get sunburned on a cloudy day.  A VERY cloudy day, in fact.  And I don't even have to be outside in it all day, either.  An hour outside on a cloudy day and I'm red.  Not painfully red, but still red.

What people don't understand is that I don't get tan.  At all.  I get more freckles, I get a permanent reddish tint to my skin that makes me look like I'm constantly blushing or am slightly sunburned throughout the entire summer.  But I never tan.  So then people are like "Use some sunless tanner then!".  Ummmm.....ok.  First of all, sunless tanners stink up to high heaven.  When YOU are the person using it, you get used to the way your skin smells, and you don't notice.  I think people think the smell goes away after a day or two.  It doesn't, I can ALWAYS smell it on someone that uses me if they come talk to me.  Doesn't matter if it's a stranger, or someone I know, I can always smell it.  Plus it makes you orange.  I mean unless you can afford to have someone spray you down in the stuff that actually does make you brown, but I couldn't afford that.  Not that I would want too, the upkeep on that would be too expensive for me, by the time I'd be able to afford to get sprayed down again, the stuff would've worn off, and it doesn't wear off in a nice way, on most people I know it wears off in patches.  Gross, right?
 Someone's A.D.D. kicked in and they didn't finish applying!

Why can't people just be pale and proud anyway?  Why does it have to be like "Oh you are unattractive because you're pale."
Well I guess it does work for some people.

There's lots and lots of artwork from back in Victorian days that would suggest being pale was once a thing of beauty.  Any time someone tells me to "get some sun" I almost always want to say "get your teeth fixed" or any other insult I can come up with, just so they can feel as uncomfortable as I do.  I do "get sun". Every. Day.  I take my dogs for walks when the sun is up, and any time I go anywhere it's usually during the day.  My arms and my face already have that reddish tint that the sunlight gives me from being out in it.  For some reason the color on my legs never changes, though, even if I do wear shorts and skirts all summer long.  I used to be desperate to try to get a tan when I was a teenager, other kids used to make fun of me for being so pale, I would get the tanning oil and lay out in the sun for a while.  I would just get burned and then go right back to pale.  You might say that the oil is to blame for me getting burned, but no, I get burned even when I wear SPF 50 sunblock.  Even when it's supposed to block UVA and UVB rays.  I need to just suffer through the heat and wear jackets to avoid getting burned.

There's always the increased chance of skin cancer, too.  I got a really bad burn when I was in my late teens, and then I got a 2nd degree sunburn a few years later.  Getting badly burned made me want to completely avoid sunlight FOREVER.  I have a few family members, who aren't even as pale as me, that did get skin cancer when they were older, so I'm kinda in the "it's not worth it" boat.

I think people should be proud of who they are no matter what their skin color is, or how much they weigh, etc.  If you're dark complected then that's great, you're beautiful!  If you're pale, then that's great, you're beautiful!  There aren't a LOT of us in the very very pale category, so just be proud of it, you can't really change your skin color.  You can temporarily change it with lotions and tanning sessions, but that's about it.  So why bother?  Just love who you are!

 An albino hedgehog! I bet he isn't bothered by his paleness, he's so cute!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cyber Bullying - Dog Breeding Edition

This morning I spent the better part of the day getting bullied on the internet. On facebook specifically.  This is not something I'm new to experiencing, actually, but this time I did not see it coming, AND it was very over-kill.
You can read the entire exchange here (has since been deleted) although I do NOT want anyone going on there and posting ANYTHING.  Even if you have something legitimate/not even rude to say, I'm sure it will start a flame-war.  The friends of that Cheryl person seem to have a lot of poison and they want to spit as much of it as possible at anyone who even slightly disagrees with them.  I only link it to get some feedback from people on the exchange, was I that wrong?  Did I really deserve all that abuse?

First off, I don't even know WHY that post showed up in my newsfeed.  Part of the problem was I posted my question thinking this was someone who I was friends with on facebook and they should know to expect that type of question from me.  Turns out, I don't know them, they don't know me.  So that's part of why SHE got so mad, and I can see that.  Well kind of, I wouldn't have gotten that mad, honestly.  I mean if you make your posts public you're kind of asking for it, right?
The other part of why she got so mad was because I worded my question badly and it pissed her off.  OK, that I fully understand.  And you will see I apologized for that toward the bottom.  I kind of just blurted out whatever I thought and didn't think through how it might come across.

A couple of things I don't understand, I was told to "do my research" and when I provided a link supporting my cause, I'm wrong and a horrible person because they just don't like the source I used.  The article I linked was from HSUS, and they even provide a link in their article where they got their information from.  Obviously they just decided I was wrong, and was going to be wrong no matter what research I've done, so why even tell me to do research?  Rather than explain why I was wrong, and provide PROOF that shows how wrong I am, I get called an "ass wipe".  Seriously?  A grown man called a woman an "ass wipe".   What gets me is, I wasn't even talking to those two assholes, so wtf is their deal?  Also, did I even say that "wow you're a horrible person for breeding dogs"?  No, no I did not. I might've implied that it's probably not the best idea, in the interests and well-being of dogs everywhere, but I didn't explicitly say, "wow you suck dog breeder".  Nor would I EVER say that, I like to think I'm a bit more mature than that.

So, here's another thing I don't understand about the whole exchange....
If someone posts something on your page, whatever site it might be on, facebook, a blog, whatever, and you don't like what they said, do you or do you not have the option to delete it?  Rather than, say, let her stupid friends call me names and treat me like total shit, rather than even SAY anything at all, why didn't she just delete what I said?  She could've deleted it and blocked me, and that would have been that, and I would've been spared all the abuse her stupid friends dished out, not even knowing one single thing about me.  I do that all the time!  Most of the time, it's not worth it to fight with people, and if I get THAT upset at what they said, I would delete it and block them.  In fact I delete things my close friends say on my facebook page all the time.  I love my friends, but they piss me off sometimes!  So I delete it and then if they don't say anything else about it, everything is fine.

In the end, I think there are several things to be learned from this:
1. If you are going to be hostile to random people coming in and commenting on your facebook posts, then make it friends only, public posts are at the mercy of everyone, and it's your fault that they have access to it, and if you don't like what they said, then deal with it.
2. Name-calling is a very immature thing to resort too, if you are over the age of 10, you should know better.
3. If someone isn't even talking TO you, then don't come in and throw in your two cents and your bullying, it does not help the situation, and it can make a perfectly calm situation volatile.
4. In any situation where you interact with people you don't know, prepare for some vicious bullying, even if the situation seems calm, and you aren't even saying anything that's all that bad. Some people are just LOOKING for a reason to get being an asshole out of their system, so you should never be surprised when you get called names and are told you're stupid.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Hair Is A Pain In The Ass

When I got my hair cut the other day, the European lady who was cutting it was like "Your hair is so thick! You're so lucky it isn't wavy"
Me: "It IS very wavy, actually, I made it straight because it was annoying me this morning."
Lady: "Noooo, this is not wavy! It is straight."
Me: "I know. I MADE it be straight, but it's normally very wavy."
Lady: "No, is not wavy." *matter of factly*
Me: ".....yeah ok. Sure."
So when I washed it today and let it air-dry and it was wavy as the freaking ocean, I was sorely tempted to go show her. Silly hairdresser lady! 

My hair is a pain in the ass.  It's literally a pain in my neck.  I probably have twice as many individual strands of hair on my head as a normal person, maybe even three times as much.  On top of that I have very wavy, sometimes even curly, hair.  I put it in the wavy category because half an hour with a blow dryer and a brush makes it somewhat straight.  Although my hair is never really flat, it's always got some poof to it.  Years of dying have made my hair softer and finer, but it gets ridiculous if I don't abuse it somewhat, just all over the place sticking out everywhere.

Now, a lot of people are like "oh you're so lucky!" and yes, well, thank you.  I agree that having hair that is too thick is better than hair that is too thin, so I do love my hair, even though a simple hair cut and color, at a place cheaper than supercuts, costs me almost $200.  Why does it cost so much, you ask?  Well for one, I take twice as much color than other people.  So when my hair is long, you're looking at 2+ applications of color, and they charge me for each one.  Then it's the matter of time.  APPLYING all that color takes a LONG time.  HOURS!  I'm not even lying.  I've been at a salon getting my hair done, for 6 hours, on more than one occasion.  :-(
This extra time results in me getting over-charged, quite often, in fact.  I can look at the prices of services at a salon that they will charge anyone else, triple them, and that's more likely what I will be charged.  So, having thick luxurious hair really does come with a price.  Especially since my natural color is a mousy brown, nowhere near the auburn I had as a child/teen.  So I get my hair colored because it's naturally an ugly color, at least in my opinion.  Maybe if I spent more time out in the sun it would be redder, and prettier, but I don't want skin cancer, and have you people SEEN how pale I am?!

This is not the kind of skin that should be exposed to sunlight.
The above picture, in addition to exhibiting my paleness, shows how thick my hair is.  I would like to point out she thinned it.  A LOT!  I swear it was like she shaved a dog, there was so much hair on the floor!  It was scary, I thought she thinned it WAY too much.  But it actually feels like a normal person's hair now. I'm sure as I get older it will thin out some (hopefully not much) and I might freak out and cry for my super thick hair to come back.  Grass is always greener on the other side huh?  I'm sure very glad my hair isn't actually curly that would be a huge bitch!

Selling Avon Starting Today!

The above is the link you can use to order from me!

I'm pretty excited, they sell clothes and shoes and they even have a whole mens section now!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Sell Avon Now!

So, in the "I can't get a job, and I can't even find a job that I would WANT" crisis, I thought about how I used to love it, when I was a teenager, my grandmother would bring home an Avon book.  I could look through those catalogs for hours!  The makeup the jewelry everything so pretty and girly!

A few years ago, I wanted to try my hand at selling Avon, the guy I was with at the time basically forbade it and told me I would suck at it and wouldn't be successful etc etc etc.
Well, that may be the case, and it may not!  I was so discouraged that I never pursued it, even though I did want too.
When I was searching the internet for possible at-home jobs, I ran into someone saying that they sell Avon and they really enjoy it.  I suddenly remembered how much I always liked Avon, and how I had wanted to sell it years ago.  My current boyfriend, while he didn't say "NO!" like my ex did, was like "I don't know if that's going to work well for you, I don't think anyone in this area buys the stuff."
I think so as well, I'm not sure anyone here in the Bay Area really buys it.  BUT, my friends may buy it from me, to try it at least.  Also, apparently you can let people order stuff under you on the Avon website, which would work well for me since I have friends all over the freaking country.
I'm going to give it a shot!  I have a bag of catalogs, and when I have it set so people can order online under me, I will post that information here.
I'm actually kind of excited, and I haven't really been excited about anything except the new Nintendo 3DS in a long time!

Pet Peeve: Communication Issues - Being Vague

Since I'm irritated beyond belief today, I might as well rant some more:
*Warning: Lots of cursing incoming*

For example: I ask "what are you watching?" person watching TV says "TV"
And then I pretty much implode from disbelief and rage.

So, one thing about me is that I am rather hot tempered, the above conversation HAS actually happened in real life to, several times, in fact.  Sometimes my second sentence of obscenities and rage, does really take place as well, I actually HAVE screamed that at someone, (and no, it doesn't end well), because I have really bad issues dealing with stupid bullshit.  Now, the one question I do have about the above conversation specified is, "was that actually MY fault?", as in, should I have asked, "what are you watching on the TV?" instead, so I don't get a stupid overly vague, and sometimes overly obvious, response.

But then we come to situations where, say a friend of yours says something that eludes to the fact that they are upset, so when you say "what's wrong?" and their answer is "issues" I'm just like, "OK, FINE! Obviously you don't want to talk to me about it, but you could just fucking say that, instead of being all vague and shit!"  I ask you what's wrong with you because I CARE, and I don't want to have to sit here and play 20 fucking questions to try to figure out what your deal is.
"What's wrong?"
"Issues with what or whom?"
"I got mad at *name*"
".....WHY did you get mad at *name*"
"Because they were a jerk"
".............And what did they DO that makes them a jerk?"

I mean seriously!!!! Give me a fucking break and just put it all out there! AGAIN, I ask because I CARE, if you don't want to tell me, then say so and I won't ask anything, if you do want to tell me, then TELL ME!!!!
"I'm having issues with *name* because they did *action* and they are a jerk!"
It's called a "sentence" and they aren't that fucking hard to say, or type out in the case of texting.  I mean, if you have limited text messages then just fucking say THAT and then call me or write me an essay in a damn email.  Seriously people!!!!!  It's not that hard! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Warning: Rant Incoming - I HATE YOU COUNTY WEBSITE

I hate you I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU IHATEYOUIHATEYOU grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
*cough* Sorry.
So, where I live you have to register your pets for a "license" and they have to verify your pets have been vaccinated and spayed/neutered and yada yada yada.  You can do this online!  Yay!  Oh wait, no, NOT yay.  Their website is a piece of fucking shit, I'm not even kidding.

FIRST OF ALL: The damn website kicks me off and makes me start ALL OVER FROM THE BEGINNING after about half an hour of fighting with it to input all my dogs information.

SECOND:  I had to fight with it for an extra 10 minutes AFTER I started the stupid "session" over because it would NOT let me continue to select the kind of license to get for my  "new" dog.  The logic of the website is flawed, see, both of my dogs are rescues, and I don't know EXACTLY what date they were born on.  So it says "enter the age in years" if you don't know the exact date, so ok, she's 1 and a half ish.  Well it wouldn't let me put 1.5 or 1/5 so I just put 1.  Then I entered the date she was spayed on, and it says "nope that date is wrong".  OK......... WHY?!  So I finally figure out that, according to the websites logic, if she is EXACTLY a year today, then she wouldn't have been born yet when I put in that she was spayed.  I GUESS that's what it thought, I don't know.  I got pissed at it and put she was born on Valentine's day.  FUCK YOU WEBSITE!  I HATE YOU!!!!!! *throws a chair through a window and flips a table*

I should probably point out that I am exhausted today, the puppy woke me up VERY early today AND yesterday, and since I don't sleep at night, this is a problem.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Hair Is So Dark Now!


I've wanted to do my hair dark for a while, and finally, I just walked down to the salon down the street from my house and had them do it! I feel that I was over charged rather drastically, but I know it takes twice as much color to cover my insanely thick mane than most people's hair (I know this because every hairdresser I've ever had tells me this), and she did a good job, so I didn't complain, and I still tipped her. It took like two hours for her to do this! The color she put on my hair is "light brown" but since I'm so pale, my hair is like "light brown? lol! No, it's black". Personally, I like it better. 

Pandaren Female, Red, or Black and White?

So I'm making a Pandaren monk female, and while I like the look of the males better than the females, since I'm a chick it would be weird to play a male I think. SO. I'm making a female. I can NOT decide between being a "red panda" and having a tail, or being the classic black and white, which is my favorite color scheme.
Red pandaren female

Black and white pandaren female

I'm pretty torn, I think they are both cuddly and adorable. Most of my friends say "red!" of course, but they also tell me to dye my real life hair red, so maybe people just associate me with the color red, I don't know why, it's not like I'm prone to fits of rage or anything. *innocent face*

Tell me what you think!

Whoo! Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend!

This weekend, an Elder Scrolls Online beta test is happening!  And I got in!!!!  I am SO excited!  I applied for the beta like twice, and then never heard anything so assumed I didn't get in.  But also this year has been difficult and I also kind of forgot about it.  So when I saw the email title saying I got in, I was excited, then skeptical, then excited again when I realized it was legit!

So what is the "Elder Scrolls" you ask?  Well, the Elder Scrolls is a series of games that have gone across multiple platforms, but mainly a PC game, over the past several years.  My personal experience with playing these games go from Morrowind, to Oblivion, and the more recent Skyrim.  If I could handle the now-shitty graphics of the older games, I would play those as well, but one of the great things about the Elder Scrolls games is that they always have the best graphics for the time they are released.  As far as a genre goes the games are usually RPG fantasy medieval types, with stunning graphics and HUGE worlds to run around and stab things, shoot fireballs, or pick flowers, if that's what you prefer.  (I usually do all of those things.)

Is anyone else out there going to be in the beta too?  I'm sure everyone who gets in will be playing ALL weekend!

One of my old Oblivion characters looking rather grumpy.