Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Sell Avon Now!

So, in the "I can't get a job, and I can't even find a job that I would WANT" crisis, I thought about how I used to love it, when I was a teenager, my grandmother would bring home an Avon book.  I could look through those catalogs for hours!  The makeup the jewelry everything so pretty and girly!

A few years ago, I wanted to try my hand at selling Avon, the guy I was with at the time basically forbade it and told me I would suck at it and wouldn't be successful etc etc etc.
Well, that may be the case, and it may not!  I was so discouraged that I never pursued it, even though I did want too.
When I was searching the internet for possible at-home jobs, I ran into someone saying that they sell Avon and they really enjoy it.  I suddenly remembered how much I always liked Avon, and how I had wanted to sell it years ago.  My current boyfriend, while he didn't say "NO!" like my ex did, was like "I don't know if that's going to work well for you, I don't think anyone in this area buys the stuff."
I think so as well, I'm not sure anyone here in the Bay Area really buys it.  BUT, my friends may buy it from me, to try it at least.  Also, apparently you can let people order stuff under you on the Avon website, which would work well for me since I have friends all over the freaking country.
I'm going to give it a shot!  I have a bag of catalogs, and when I have it set so people can order online under me, I will post that information here.
I'm actually kind of excited, and I haven't really been excited about anything except the new Nintendo 3DS in a long time!

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