Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Hair Is A Pain In The Ass

When I got my hair cut the other day, the European lady who was cutting it was like "Your hair is so thick! You're so lucky it isn't wavy"
Me: "It IS very wavy, actually, I made it straight because it was annoying me this morning."
Lady: "Noooo, this is not wavy! It is straight."
Me: "I know. I MADE it be straight, but it's normally very wavy."
Lady: "No, is not wavy." *matter of factly*
Me: ".....yeah ok. Sure."
So when I washed it today and let it air-dry and it was wavy as the freaking ocean, I was sorely tempted to go show her. Silly hairdresser lady! 

My hair is a pain in the ass.  It's literally a pain in my neck.  I probably have twice as many individual strands of hair on my head as a normal person, maybe even three times as much.  On top of that I have very wavy, sometimes even curly, hair.  I put it in the wavy category because half an hour with a blow dryer and a brush makes it somewhat straight.  Although my hair is never really flat, it's always got some poof to it.  Years of dying have made my hair softer and finer, but it gets ridiculous if I don't abuse it somewhat, just all over the place sticking out everywhere.

Now, a lot of people are like "oh you're so lucky!" and yes, well, thank you.  I agree that having hair that is too thick is better than hair that is too thin, so I do love my hair, even though a simple hair cut and color, at a place cheaper than supercuts, costs me almost $200.  Why does it cost so much, you ask?  Well for one, I take twice as much color than other people.  So when my hair is long, you're looking at 2+ applications of color, and they charge me for each one.  Then it's the matter of time.  APPLYING all that color takes a LONG time.  HOURS!  I'm not even lying.  I've been at a salon getting my hair done, for 6 hours, on more than one occasion.  :-(
This extra time results in me getting over-charged, quite often, in fact.  I can look at the prices of services at a salon that they will charge anyone else, triple them, and that's more likely what I will be charged.  So, having thick luxurious hair really does come with a price.  Especially since my natural color is a mousy brown, nowhere near the auburn I had as a child/teen.  So I get my hair colored because it's naturally an ugly color, at least in my opinion.  Maybe if I spent more time out in the sun it would be redder, and prettier, but I don't want skin cancer, and have you people SEEN how pale I am?!

This is not the kind of skin that should be exposed to sunlight.
The above picture, in addition to exhibiting my paleness, shows how thick my hair is.  I would like to point out she thinned it.  A LOT!  I swear it was like she shaved a dog, there was so much hair on the floor!  It was scary, I thought she thinned it WAY too much.  But it actually feels like a normal person's hair now. I'm sure as I get older it will thin out some (hopefully not much) and I might freak out and cry for my super thick hair to come back.  Grass is always greener on the other side huh?  I'm sure very glad my hair isn't actually curly that would be a huge bitch!

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