Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pale and Proud?

In pictures I posted previously, you can see my pale skin is very pale.  I have many, many, many, many times been told by people to "Get some sun."  Which makes me go into rage mode at light speed.
Get some sun?  Get some sun?!?!  First of all, you don't "get" sun, you go outside and stand in it, you can't go "get" it and then just "have" the sun.  If you're pale like me, and you go out to "get" some sun, you fry within minutes.  I can get sunburned on a cloudy day.  A VERY cloudy day, in fact.  And I don't even have to be outside in it all day, either.  An hour outside on a cloudy day and I'm red.  Not painfully red, but still red.

What people don't understand is that I don't get tan.  At all.  I get more freckles, I get a permanent reddish tint to my skin that makes me look like I'm constantly blushing or am slightly sunburned throughout the entire summer.  But I never tan.  So then people are like "Use some sunless tanner then!".  Ummmm.....ok.  First of all, sunless tanners stink up to high heaven.  When YOU are the person using it, you get used to the way your skin smells, and you don't notice.  I think people think the smell goes away after a day or two.  It doesn't, I can ALWAYS smell it on someone that uses me if they come talk to me.  Doesn't matter if it's a stranger, or someone I know, I can always smell it.  Plus it makes you orange.  I mean unless you can afford to have someone spray you down in the stuff that actually does make you brown, but I couldn't afford that.  Not that I would want too, the upkeep on that would be too expensive for me, by the time I'd be able to afford to get sprayed down again, the stuff would've worn off, and it doesn't wear off in a nice way, on most people I know it wears off in patches.  Gross, right?
 Someone's A.D.D. kicked in and they didn't finish applying!

Why can't people just be pale and proud anyway?  Why does it have to be like "Oh you are unattractive because you're pale."
Well I guess it does work for some people.

There's lots and lots of artwork from back in Victorian days that would suggest being pale was once a thing of beauty.  Any time someone tells me to "get some sun" I almost always want to say "get your teeth fixed" or any other insult I can come up with, just so they can feel as uncomfortable as I do.  I do "get sun". Every. Day.  I take my dogs for walks when the sun is up, and any time I go anywhere it's usually during the day.  My arms and my face already have that reddish tint that the sunlight gives me from being out in it.  For some reason the color on my legs never changes, though, even if I do wear shorts and skirts all summer long.  I used to be desperate to try to get a tan when I was a teenager, other kids used to make fun of me for being so pale, I would get the tanning oil and lay out in the sun for a while.  I would just get burned and then go right back to pale.  You might say that the oil is to blame for me getting burned, but no, I get burned even when I wear SPF 50 sunblock.  Even when it's supposed to block UVA and UVB rays.  I need to just suffer through the heat and wear jackets to avoid getting burned.

There's always the increased chance of skin cancer, too.  I got a really bad burn when I was in my late teens, and then I got a 2nd degree sunburn a few years later.  Getting badly burned made me want to completely avoid sunlight FOREVER.  I have a few family members, who aren't even as pale as me, that did get skin cancer when they were older, so I'm kinda in the "it's not worth it" boat.

I think people should be proud of who they are no matter what their skin color is, or how much they weigh, etc.  If you're dark complected then that's great, you're beautiful!  If you're pale, then that's great, you're beautiful!  There aren't a LOT of us in the very very pale category, so just be proud of it, you can't really change your skin color.  You can temporarily change it with lotions and tanning sessions, but that's about it.  So why bother?  Just love who you are!

 An albino hedgehog! I bet he isn't bothered by his paleness, he's so cute!

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