Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whoo! Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend!

This weekend, an Elder Scrolls Online beta test is happening!  And I got in!!!!  I am SO excited!  I applied for the beta like twice, and then never heard anything so assumed I didn't get in.  But also this year has been difficult and I also kind of forgot about it.  So when I saw the email title saying I got in, I was excited, then skeptical, then excited again when I realized it was legit!

So what is the "Elder Scrolls" you ask?  Well, the Elder Scrolls is a series of games that have gone across multiple platforms, but mainly a PC game, over the past several years.  My personal experience with playing these games go from Morrowind, to Oblivion, and the more recent Skyrim.  If I could handle the now-shitty graphics of the older games, I would play those as well, but one of the great things about the Elder Scrolls games is that they always have the best graphics for the time they are released.  As far as a genre goes the games are usually RPG fantasy medieval types, with stunning graphics and HUGE worlds to run around and stab things, shoot fireballs, or pick flowers, if that's what you prefer.  (I usually do all of those things.)

Is anyone else out there going to be in the beta too?  I'm sure everyone who gets in will be playing ALL weekend!

One of my old Oblivion characters looking rather grumpy.

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