Friday, August 2, 2013

Awk. Ward.

As I look across the pathway separating my building from the one next to it, I see my neighbor's deck that is adjacent to my office window, and this reminds me of a story.  A very awkward story, I might add.

So I'm coming back to my house after walking my dogs and there's a somewhat familiar looking woman by the dumpsters, trying to throw things away.  She was struggling for some reason...I don't know why.  Maybe her shit was heavy.  Who knows.
Anyway, I have been walking my dogs all over tarnation so I have a bag of poop to throw away, so I kind of try to ease past her to get to the dumpers.  Well the dogs, especially the puppy, Abby, are rather excited at the presence of a human and want to be pet, so they kind of get up in her business.  So she starts talking to me, while nervously watching the dogs and decidedly not petting them.
"Hi, how are you?" blah blah blah.
I honestly don't remember what the conversation started out as because at one point she kind of nervously blurts out the following:
"So, do you have a cool computer job? I always see you on the computer."
Me, oblivious to what this means in the first few seconds after she said it, reply with,
"Oh, sometimes, but not right now, these days I'm just...wait....what?"
Enter stock photo of a shocked expression here.
I'm pretty sure this is the exact expression I had.... Oh google images, you are so helpful!

So my video gaming habits are being monitored apparently.
I play World of Warcraft and other games quite a bit, the time frame in which this conversation happened (it was a few months ago) I was unemployed, so I was kind of playing constantly.  This is the cool thing about dual monitoring, you can apply for jobs AND kill mogu and trolls and whatnot at the same time!....
Well, that's what I tell myself.

I tend to have the window open all day while I'm on the computer because it gets hot in the room if I don't.  There's usually a nice breeze outside, I can hear birdies and see sunshine, it's nice!
Ya know, as long as someone isn't watching you....
I should point out that she probably isn't actually just sitting there watching me, she probably just sees me when she walks out onto her deck since my window is directly adjacent.
At least that's what I'm hoping, anyway.
*closes windows*

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