Friday, August 2, 2013


It's so beautiful!!!
He got me Animal Crossing a New Leaf as well! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
I have been obsessing over the 3DSxlI desperately wanted one.  So my boyfriend went and got it for me!!! 
I tweeted and facebooked about it at the time, and I learned that the hashtag "best boyfriend ever" is not widely used, which seems kind of sad to me, actually.  Maybe he IS the best boyfriend ever and no one is challenging that fact.  Hah!
While I do genuinely think he IS the best boyfriend ever, I think the reason other people don't think that about THEIR boyfriends is probably more like people take their significant other for granted.  They don't talk about the good things they do, and like to gripe more about anything and everything they do that they don't like.

So, I'm super excited about my 3DSxl, my boyfriend is awesome.  But I do want to point out he is very awesome even when he isn't getting me hand-held Nintendos.  He's a great guy, and since I'm secretly a huge bitch you KNOW that a guy has to be awesome to not only be approved by me...but to be able to put up with me as well.
Let's face it, I'm really weird, and probably insane.
I'm in my late 20's and I obsess over Nintendos...for example.
Obviously I will never be an adult.

Allie Brosh understands me.

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