Friday, October 25, 2013

I Still Sell Avon.....Sort Of

So, after my 3 month temp job that was SO exhausting I couldn't even function or stay awake, except for the times I was actually at work, I got a notification email that my Avon account was going to be closed.
I should point out that I did do some orders while I was working, I even had a $100 order from someone who turned out to be attempting to scam me (more on that in a different post), but it had been a while and I was paying attention to how many campaigns had gone by since I'd bought or sold anything.

I decided to order myself something, a shirt that looked nice, and that I'm HOPING will actually look good on me.  I went ahead and ordered some more catalogs to hand out, as well.  But for the most part I sell Avon to myself, and that's it.
Forever alone.....with Avon.
If anyone reads this and wants to look at what Avon has to offer, you can do so from my web store.

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