Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Undead Female Models

So our good friends at MMO-Champion have posted some updates about the expansion and one thing they posted of great interest to me is the new undead female model.

New, looks like she did some squats and figured out how to stand up straight!

 Old, so slouchy I couldn't play as one.

This is a vast improvement.  VAST.  But, I do have a few issues with it, as any fan of horror and zombie movies might.

First off, the hands are FAR too big.  I don't know many women with hands that big in proportion to the rest of their body.
 Seriously, those hands are HUGE. This is a prime example of "man-hands".

Second, the skin is away from the bones with this big gap around the elbows and knees.  The exposed shoulder bones and spine look great, but those gaps wouldn't really be possible, the skin would stick to the bones, resulting in no gap.
The skin would not just stick up like that away from everything like it's made of plastic.
 The feet look a hell of a lot better, though.

I realize the game isn't designed to look realistic at all like some other games are, and I probably shouldn't be one of those people picking apart the new models like this.... BUT....I can't help myself.  I am a tiny-handed woman in real life and I know how skin works, it wouldn't stick up like that, away from the bones.  Now it WOULD stick to the bones, though, eliminating that gap between the bones and the skin.
Otherwise, it really is a huge improvement.  I also realize this model isn't 100% done, either.  They may end up making the exact changes I just mentioned for all I know, and then I think it would be perfect.

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