Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warlords of Draenor - New Character Models

The fact that they are FINALLY implementing new character models into the game is huge. Huge.
I've been playing a female troll hunter since I was in the closed beta of the original World of Warcraft release and that was......in 2004.
While some of the races, even the original eight, do have some new models and skins for some of the non-player controlled characters (NPCs) the characters you actually play have remained exactly the same.
To say the least, they look a bit dated.

She can't even blink! Even NIGHT ELVES can blink!
And they don't even HAVE eyes! 

Most of the original eight races have facial expressions of some sort during some emotes...most of them can, at the very least, BLINK their eyes!

I don't know what they are planning for the lady trolls, but the lady gnomes are getting a rather DRASTIC upgrade.
I always did think they were super funny looking. They'll actually be "cute" next expansion.

 Also a huge upgrade is the lady dwarves.

Before .....


I've never understood the coconut bra.  I also completely forgot that they had that as underwear until just now, since I play horde-side and even in neutral cities it's much more common to see naked elves than naked dwarves. 

Just adding some shadows to the skin texture makes a huge difference. HUGE!
It's like using makeup to draw on  a six-pack.  I've seen people do a really convincing job on their stomach.
I believe they've added more bones to the skeletons as well.
And the facial expressions! Joy! Anger! 

These new models for the playable races are a long time in coming.  
I mean, we're celebrating WoW's nine year anniversary in the game right now.
There were games that came out at the same time as WoW that had better character graphics than WoW, and while I know WoW is meant to be sort of cartoony and not realistic.....still!  You could count the polygons they used, even the blood elf model isn't much better and those weren't out until the first expansion.

Definitely better than the original eight races, but could still use some updating now.
I was really, really hoping that they would give the blood elves and the draenei new models, or at least new skins, along with the original eight.  But I'll have to face it, that's probably not going to happen.

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