Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Dog Got Stung By a Wasp

MY DOG GOT STUNG BY A WASP!!!!! :-(  :-(  :-(
I can't even capslock and unhappy face that enough.
I was walking my dogs, and the older dog suddenly stopped in her tracks and started biting at her paw, yanked a wasp off of her foot with her teeth, then viciously shook it before spitting it out and continuing on her way.
I was pretty surprised, since I didn't see the damn thing on the sidewalk at all.
After smashing it with my shoe because how DARE the little devil sting my baby!!! I decided to check if the stinger was still on the bug, or if I was going to have to get it out of her foot.  It was still on the bug, so it was definitely a wasp and not a bee.  I was wondering if it had actually stung her or not, but after a few steps she started limping dramatically and kept licking her paw.  Dammit, it definitely got her. :-(
I took her straight inside, and gave her some benedryl, right after her after-walk-treat.

This link and chart might be handy for anyone who may need to give their dog benedryl for any reason.


By this point she's hobbling around the house barely putting weight on that paw, because, as anyone who's been stung by a wasp can attest, wasp stings HURT.  Their venom is just straight painful.  Wasps and scorpions I know, have venom that just causes lots of pain.  Wasp stings are more painful than bee stings, BUT at least allergic reaction to wasps are less common than allergic reactions to bees.

 I felt so bad, look at how sad she is. 

After doing some googling, I found a few websites that said a weak baking soda and water mixture can help take away the pain.  So I put 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a pint glass of water, then put some of it in a bowl.  A lot of the water ended up on the floor.  My Ophelia HATES to have her feet touched and messed with, so holding her foot in a bowl of water, and while she was in so much pain, wasn't something she wanted so she kept jerking her foot around and spilling the water.  I wasn't mad at her, of course.  And getting mad at this dog would only make things worse, since she's a big bag of emotions.  I think I managed to keep her sting in the water for a total of seven minutes, and the response was immediate.

Ouchie! :-(
She was actually able to walk without limping too much, and her foot and leg were no longer trembling as she held it in such a way to keep things from touching it.
The benedryl knocked her out though, she spent a lot of time sleeping off the pain of her sting.  I had to go to work for four hours, but by the time I got home, she wasn't limping at all.  She was licking at it sometimes, but that's it.
Today, she's totally fine, like nothing happened.

All better!

I'm extremely glad that it seems she isn't allergic to wasp stings at all, and she didn't get stung in the mouth when she yanked it off of her paw and shook it.  Aside from some flailing when I put her paw in the water, she's a very good patient. <3

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