Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Night Elf Female Model


The Night Elf female update!!!!
I know a LOT of people out there were looking for this one.  I mean, you can't turn around in the alliance cities without running into a fem nelf, usually dressed down to her skivvies and dancing on a mailbox.  Or just dancing anywhere.

 It doesn't look like they changed the shape of her too much, it seems this particular update is mostly in the texture file.  The shape changes to her body are very subtle, not as drastic as the undead female.  Her hands are a bit smaller it looks like, thank goodness.

It looks like she finally went shopping at Tyrande's Secret!  She was definitely in need of an underwear upgrade.

I personally am looking most forward to seeing the blood elf and troll updates!

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