Sunday, June 22, 2014


Seriously! Where. The HELL. IS IT?!
I am absolutely freaking sick of Mists of Pandaria.
SICK of it
I can't stand this expansion anymore, playing it makes my teeth hurt, I try to do things, anything for enjoyment in the game, but there's really not much that I enjoy in the game anymore.
I enjoy my little farm, and I like pet battles, and I've always enjoyed raiding with my guild.
The problem with those things is I'm doing them in Mists of Pandaria and I just haaaate it.
I have played this game since release of vanilla WoW, hell, I was in closed beta for a while before it released, even.
I've played World of Warcraft for about a decade.
I obviously have always loved this game.  I think I took a month off once sometime in Burning Crusade, because I got a new job that exhausted me, and most of the time that I wasn't at work, was spent sleeping, and taking care of my dog, and the cat I had at the time.  (If you're worried about why I don't have the cat now, it's because he lives with my friend's mom now, and has for a few years.)

Even when I took that month off, I still logged in for 10 minutes every few days to say hi to my guildies, so I didn't cancel my account.
The only time I've really considered canceling my account, was in Cataclysm, because that expansion just sucked.  It was more of a rework of old world content than it was new content for max level.
I think the ill-fated game Star Wars, the Old Republic is a good indication of the fact that, in these massive multiplayer games, max level is everything!
The leveling experience in SWTOR was nothing short of amazing, it really was an awesome game.
But then we all hit max level, and there was nothing to do, but raid the same 1 or 2 raid dungeons, and run the same two groups of dailies every day.  There may have been three groups, I don't really remember.
Long story short, everyone quit, the game went free to play.

What saved Cataclysm for me, was the Firelands raid.  I don't know why, but I looooooved that raid.  We farmed it to death and I still enjoyed it.  I honestly feel that, as the raid leader (sort of, I'm not much of a leader in my opinion) my enthusiasm for the Firelands raid was what kept everyone else going, too.  When there's at least one person who's super excited to be playing the game with everyone, the feeling is catching.
But now I'm very agitated and grumpy about simply having to log in, and I feel like that rubs off on at least some of my fellow raiders, which isn't exactly setting us up for success.

In Mists there isn't really that super fun thing I can do over and over again.  I'm sick of the raids, the dailies, the zones, the cities, all of it.  The MUSIC!  I'm sick of the whole damn expansion, which is kind of sad for me because I really loved it at first.  But now, logging in feels like a literal waste of time.  Pair that with the fact that barely anyone from my guild is ever online anymore, probably because it's a waste of time for them as well, and I just don't want to log in at all.  There used to at LEAST be someone to talk too in-game, but not anymore.

What this all means is two things, for one, 5 level expansions need to be a thing of the past.  We run out of new things to do WAY too quickly, then they don't add enough content patches with REAL content, and this is when Blizzard loses subscriptions.  I honestly don't know why they thought it was going to be ok to do this for two expansions in a row, except to even things out to be able to go from 90 - 100 instead of 85 - 95.  But if that's the case....
We really needed Warlords to come out already.
Like, April would've been good.  Or even earlier than that.
There's no PVP zone boss to farm, unless I missed something.
It just feels like something is missing from the Mists end game, and I don't have anything left that I have any desire to do.
Hurry up Warlords!  Don't make me wait until December. :-(

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