Saturday, July 26, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Tauren Female Models

My friend just asked about this one after I posted the male human and male draenei models.
The female tauren model update is here!!

Cow lady pics:

Sexy right?!
OK then....
Well I think she's cute!  But then again, I think real life cows are totally adorables, so, I probably would think she's cute.

This is SO CUTE... how can you NOT think is this is cute?! And the sheep is like, AH! MY EYE! It's sooo funny....why aren't you laughing?!

Alright so anyway, back to the tauren.
First of all, let me just say, I am not a fan of this brown color, so these screens don't make me want to play this race.  I don't actually play as any tauren characters as is, and if I did, I'd be a druid, and I'd definitely be .... not brown.  I'd be black.  Or white. But not brown.  This brown is like the brown leather purses I see everyone running around with.  NO.

She looks very....different.  I'm not sure any other race looks quite THIS different from the before and after screenshots.  I will say I will be glad to see some facial expressions, though.  Because as it is it's like she's dead.  Her face is just, frozen.  Like a walking taxidermied cow-zombie thing. Or maybe she's one of those Desperate Housewives and just had too much botox and now her face doesn't work.  But with the update, she'll be ALIVE!
Her hands got a down-size, so that's good.  I don't know why the HUGE hands that some of these races had bother me so much, but for some reason it's just super distracting to me.  Generally, unless you're Uma Thurman, women have much smaller hands than men.  Why is that?  I have no idea.  But I know this to be sorta-generally-true, and therefore it really annoys me when female characters have hands as big as their heads in video games.  This is a clear signal that a man designed this model.  Kinda like whenever there's a slider to scale how big the boobs are.  MEN DO THESE THINGS!  And it drives me...CRAZY!
I know, I over analyze.
I should be a modeler myself, and give all the girls nice girly hands.

I also feel like she was more....cow-ish, before?  So, this is an improvement because she's a little more humanized, I think.  I am almost positive that some people are going to hate this particular model update because of that, though.  I like it.  Although, I do think her face could be a bit more feminine.  Not really sure how I'd go about doing that, though, maybe it's in the nose.
Not that cows and bulls are very different in real life.  Cows are big animals, and bulls are bigger, hulkier versions of the same thing.

Not a lot of people really know a lot about bovine. 
Here's a link to brush up:,-Cows,-Steers-and-Heifers
I grew up in Texas, I know most of that already.  :-)

Even though I'm sure some people won't like this change, I think we should all be glad they didn't make her a some big boobed chick in a cow print bikini or dress.
That's a thing, btw:

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