Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World of Warcraft: New Troll Models

I didn't expect to be seeing this one so soon!
I gotta say, I almost fell outta my chair with excitement.
I have to say, Blizzard's timing on this one, with Robin William's death yesterday dealing a crushing blow to basically everyone in the world, me included, it was great to see an update today, and it's the TROLLS which is the race of my main character, and what's even better is, I love them!
I'm focusing on the female here since that's what I play, but I will put the pics of the male, too.

She looks so awesome!

Someone said they're ugly compared to other races but, they always have been, they're trolls.  
That's the point.  
They aren't prissy little girly-girls.  They'll fucking eat your face.  Some of them LITERALLY will eat your face, as the trolls in general are cannibals, albeit the ones we play in-game are not cannibals by choice.  Or maybe it was a condition of Thralls, he'd only let them into the Horde if they gave up cannibalism..... 
I don't remember now, but the point is, I think she looks great!  One thing to note about these particular screenshots, the face that they have redone here is one of the "ugly" or "angry" faces.  There is ONE "pretty" face for female trolls, that basically everyone uses exclusively, although you do see the occasional person who has a grumpy face.  I had one of the grumpy faces for years, but paid to choose a new one, after a wave of new players kept telling me I had demon eyes and looked super angry.  Again, she's a troll and that's the point.  But whatever, I changed it because I got tired of the whiny little kids whining at me about it.  Plus it was nice to have a little change.  Like how I had my troll's hair bright red for years, and this year went hot pink, like in this screenshot.  I like pink a lot more then red anyway. :-)
I feel like she has so much more personality now, aside from the fact my hunter will finally be able to blink her eyes, there's so much more in this face than there was before.  She's got a more sultry look in her eyes, at the same time she's a bit more fierce as well.  Her tusks are actually in her mouth like tusks would be (I think) instead of taped to her upper lip.  Huge improvement!  Absolutely love it!

Here's the boys!

First off, they look improved, they don't look very different, but they definitely look better.
Second, something weird happened with the coloration of the pictures of the males when I re-posted them here.  So, go to Blizzard's official post to see it looking nicer, because I don't know what happened here, and I can't seem to fix it.
 The male has a much less blocky and pixelated look while still looking basically the same.  I think he looks great.

One thing I am hoping for with these model revamps, is more options.  More faces, more customizations, more hair styles!  Etc.
I'm not really looking for a million slider bar options like in Elder Scrolls games where you can customize basically every single feature, because that always takes me several hours just to make a character when I have all of that at my disposal.  But, you know, a couple more face options, a bunch more hair options, more skin shades...actually skin colors could use slider bars.  For people who like olive toned skin for their human character, for example, but maybe they want to be darker or lighter than the current olive toned skin shade available. 
But I'm happy with Blizz just doing updates to what's currently in the game, and then adding more options in later. 

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