Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's October! And You Know What That Means....Hallow's End!

October is my favorite month out of the year.
Why, you ask?
Well, for one, Fall, my favorite season, where everything is cooling down and turning orange, and there's piles of leaves everywhere for my dogs to fling themselves into.

I wish I could pile them up this high for them to do this.
That guy's laughter absolutely cracks me up.

Then there's Halloween!  My favorite holiday! I love all that is black, purple, orange and creepy.
That brings us to the WoW holiday event equivalent, Hallow's End, which is great and awesome, and I love it.
I've had my Headless Horseman's mount for a while.

One of my favorite mounts in the game!

I have every achievement on my hunter, but sometimes I do the event on alts, just because I like this one, I think it's a lot of fun.  Making your character eat too much candy and throw up everywhere is pretty hilarious.  Although this year I may have to try that on the beta so I can see what kind of facial expression my troll makes when she pukes.  Hahaha!
Hallow's End will start the 18th and end Nov. 1st.

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