Sunday, October 5, 2014

Slenderman: The Arrival - My Review

So, my little sister, (her name shall be Little Sister henceforth in my blog posts, not to be confused with the Little Sister in Bioshock...) talked me in to playing Slenderman: The Arrival.


OK, so first of all, the graphics are decent, much better than the original free download you could get off the website.  Probably not anything that's going to murder your computer, but I haven't played the computer version yet, I played it on Little Sister's Xbox.

Game play was simple, just run away, pick up things, close doors and windows, whatever, and sometimes shine your flashlight at things.


This was the scariest, most stressful game I have ever played, and I raided Molten Core at level during Vanilla World of Warcraft.

The intimidated feeling you get running through the woods, the downright TERRIFYING maze of the underground mines.
I LITERALLY felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I'm not even joking or being hyperbolic about that.
I had to take breaks from playing, because my chest was hurting and my hands went numb from gripping the controller.  I'm positive I would've broken the keyboard if I'd been on my computer.

I played it from beginning to end, twice.

This game is great!

You can download it from steam or amazon, and probably other sites too, right now it's $9.99.
Amazon download
Steam download

I have not been payed by the makers of Slenderman: The Arrival, or anyone else to write this review. I just really liked this game, I'll probably be buying my own copy soon. :-)

I know Slenderman is a sensitive subject for many people, as some misguided children have actually committed horrific crimes, such as murder, after reading the stories about Slenderman on the creepypasta website.
I am in no way condoning their actions, what they did was terrible and wrong.
However, I do not know these stories on creepypasta, I have not read them, I don't know what they say. What I do know is that the game and the original story of Slenderman have nothing to do with fan fiction written on creepypasta.  If the girls had stuck to just playing the game, they wouldn't have committed these crimes under the guise of doing it for Slenderman.
I do believe that people who are so mentally unbalanced would have found ANY reason to do these horrible things, whether it was for Slenderman, or rock music, or the spec on the wall that talks to them at night.

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