Monday, October 13, 2014

The Great Rush of Patch 6.0

Well, the patch is right around the corner! Tomorrow is paaaaaaaatch daaaaaay!!!
I was looking forward to it, until.......
I read this article:

Now, I am not looking forward to the patch landing tomorrow.

In the past couple of days I've had to cram as much WoW time as I could stand to get things done in the game I hadn't finished yet.
I've gotten to rank 8 in the Brawler's Guild and gotten stuck on Hexos for two days, after 100+ deaths (I am unfortunately not exaggerating) I finally got him!  I got stuck on Ahoo'ru, but got him after a few tries.
I managed to kill Garrosh with a semi-PuG group, which was awesome, let me tell you.
I finally got gold in the dps category of the proving grounds, but have not been able to get silver in a different spec or do endless.
After 12 hours of questing I managed to get the Thundering Serpent Hatchling by making a Death Knight character on another server, and joining a guild that had the pet from the challenge mode achievement.
I'm fairly certain that I am not going to be able to get those treasure room scenario achievements done on the Thundering Isle, since I have just a couple of keys left, and they won't drop anymore.
Thank GOODNESS I had spent so much gold to get the challenge modes done on gold with my warlock before I was out of town, worth it.

I don't understand why they're removing SO many things.
But what really sucks is they gave us only a 5 day warning to get all this crap finished.
Sure, they implied that the patch would land "in two weeks at the earliest" but that's not really the same as announcing it.

I probably would have had all this stuff finished by now if I hadn't been out of town for a month and a half, with an old laptop that can't run WoW.  I guess that's not Blizzard's fault, though.

I find it extremely disappointing that Blizzard has decided to cater to the "elite" group of little kids that play this game 24 hours a day, probably sharing an account between friends/family.

And the guys like this....

Those are the people that quit WoW as soon as the next professed "WoW kller" game comes out.  They inevitably do come back, unfortunately.
But for those of us who are adults with jobs and lives and social obligations, we just straight up get the shaft.  You've been a casual player of World of Warcraft for 10 years and NEVER canceled your account?  Yeah, well, fuck you.

A big part of it for a lot of people is, those things just weren't interesting enough to do when they first came out. Take me, for example, by then I was already sick of MoP, and I know quite a few other people were, too.
I think MoP will go down in WoW history as the worst expansion ever, because as much as I hated Cataclysm, at least I enjoyed Firelands and the second half of the Dragon Soul (I hated the first half of that place, though).  So that actually got kept me playing at the time.  I will go on in a separate post about why I hate MoP so much.

I think the removal of such a large amount of things and achievements is unfair to the casual player.  One thing I have always enjoyed about this game is going back to do old content at higher levels to get the things I wasn't able to get when it was current, because myself and my guild have never been "hardcore".  I actually find it quite fun to go back and pwn things. Haha

Anyway, this whole thing has kind of soured my enjoyment of the game and completely obliterated my excitement for the patch, since I've had to dedicate every waking moment to playing WoW and only playing WoW the last couple of days.

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