Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alts, Alts and MOAR ALTZ!!!

So many alts.
Around New Years Eve the question was thrown out there into the world, "What is your WoW goal for this year?" and it occurred to me that I don't usually make a "wow goal".
Usually my goal New Years goal or "resolution" is to either replace the job I hate with a job I hate less or, preferably, don't hate at all...or, if I'm unemployed, find a job I don't hate.  That is a whole lot harder than it sounds.  I've only managed to get jobs I love at places where my position was temporary or the company got purchased and/or shut down. 

So this year I had the bright idea to make a WoW goal instead!
What did I decide to make my goal?
To get a level 100 of each class...on both factions.
That's right!  TWO of each class at max level.
So...twenty two 100s total...if my maths are right, which they may not be.

So far, it's gone OK.  I got 5 classes to 100 as Horde, somewhere in the middle of that I got my Alliance hunter to 100.
Got a couple more Horde characters around 90, and I've gotten at least two more Alliance characters to level 60 - 70.
The problem I'm having with the Alliance characters is I have to start at level one, except for the Death Knight....and just spam queuing for lowbie dungeons gets REALLY old.  But it's a lot faster than actually questing.
I'm sure I will have this down to a science soon!
There's also a good chance I give up on this goal, because it's ridiculous and time-consuming.
I did learn tonight that when 4 of your guildies make lowbies as well, and you spam queue for dungeons together, it's REALLY fun.  Leveling buddies are the best, leveling groups are even better!
My Alliance guild is so awesome. :-)

Anyone else out there trying to follow through with a WoW resolution/goal?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

YouTube Channel The Vazula

I made a YouTube channel a while back where I upload gameplay videos too.
I'll probably try uploading videos from games other than just WoW eventually, and maybe videos that aren't gameplay, but other things as well.
Here's the link. :-)