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World of Warcraft: Things I Wish Blizzard Would Add to WoW

I love World of Warcraft, and my general consensus is that Blizzard does a pretty stand-up job on the game.
I do have some issues with some things in the game though, and aside from issues I have with Warlords of Draenor specifically (that could be it's own post) there are some things I've always wished they would add to, or in some cases, take away from, the World of Warcraft.

1. Armor Dyes
This has probably been my biggest desire for WoW for years. I never understood why they never implemented this, and while I can see very clearly they'll never implement it, I still think it's silly that they don't. Armor dyes would add SO MUCH to gear customization to this game. I would even be happy if they implemented it for future gear, in Legion and beyond, but it wasn't a retroactive thing that would affect old armor from previous expansions. That would be fine. But when I look at the sad fact that hunters often have the ugliest gear in the game (in my opinion anyway), and my main character is a hunter, it's kind of frustrating, I wish I could just change the color, or if anything, dye everything black. That would be fine. I'm looking at you tier 10.

Seriously wtf is this?

2. High Elves as a playable race for the Alliance.
 Aside from being a bit on the small side, I really like Blood Elves as a race. I never thought they fit in with the Horde very well though. I mean, they're pretty little elves with a gloriously golden city...and the Horde is basically a collection of misfit monsters. Actually why are they so small? Didn't they use to be Night Elves? They're so tiny and short. It's weird. Why can't they be at least Night Elf sized? So yeah, they should be Night Elf sized. The Alliance HAS High Elves already, they're all over Dalaran factioned for Alliance and the Kirin Tor base on the Thundering Isle had some too. Personally I like the High Elf blue eyes over the Blood Elf green eyes, I do like both, but I've been playing Belves so long it's kind of old to ONLY have green eyes forever. Blue eyes would be a nice change.
Vereesa Windrunner in Dalaran in her blue-eyed High Elven glory.
 3. More customization in character creation, eye color and hair color options.
One thing I've always found a bit odd about WoW is that you can't choose your hair or eye color. Not sure why that is. If you want to be a blue-eyed human female you have to have this totally ditsy looking face. The eye colors are tied to the different faces and frankly, that's kind of strange. I would honestly prefer a color wheel or slider type thing where you can choose literally any color, but being able to pick some preset eye colors, even if it was just the basic natural eye colors, would be preferable. Same thing for hair color.
I can be a hot pink haired Night Elf death knight! But I can't have pink hair as any other class. Male Night Elves have yellow eyes and females have white eyes. But according to lore, only the Highborn NEs had yellow eyes. Much confusion on that one, as it should have been white eyes for both all these years, and now the playable Night Elf mages would have yellow eyes.
I can have a really lovely pink hair color as a gnome! But you can't have that as any other race. Why? I don't know if Blizzard has ever explained their reasons for these things, but I would be interested in knowing why character customization is so dismally limited. I do not expect WoW to have an Elder Scrolls type character customization interface where you can spend literally hours making your toon and tweaking every single feature....but just some more eye colors and hair colors would be nice. I also think if they could add one or two different face options every expansion, that would be pretty nice. I would be all for different height and weight options as well but not really holding out hope on that one.
These are little things that keep people coming back to a game. Also, on humans the eye color is pretty dull, you can't even tell what color their eyes are really, and that's regardless of skin color. So maybe if they could brighten that up a bit that would be better.

4. The Worgen especially need more options, why the hell do they not have tails?!
Worgen don't have tails. That's really weird. Why not?! What kind of wolf or canine in general does not have a tail? Most dogs that don't have tails are only missing them because people cut them off, which is a barbaric practice, but I digress.
The Worgen especially are in dire need of more customization options. You get one face. That's it. One. You are a snarling chihuahua as a female and an angry wolf as a male. The fur colors are extremely limited. You can't be red, you can't be white, colors that do exist in nature for canines. It's very limiting and all worgens basically look the same. Which is a shame, because werewolves are really, really cool. And for Pete's sake, can the human form and worgen form NOT be linked during the creation process, please? Because this shit happens every single time. Another thing I have issues with is the female worgen model in general. Not really sure what's going on with it. The chest is weird, the legs are super weird. It's like the distance between the knee joint and the backwards bending joint is too short, so the legs look broken when you jump around. In all fairness, a quick google image search will show you that there aren't a lot of good pictures depicting a decent looking female worgen. So Blizzard did ok, I guess. But the fact that you only get one face to choose from annoys me greatly.

Here's some "female werewolf" artwork I found, but for some of them I could not find the sources.

 See? Big bushy tail!
 This one has a feminine body shape AND a big bushy tail.
 A fox werewolf! With the biggest bushiest tail ever!
This is a fantastic female worgen art piece done by Seiorai.
4. When a new race is added, make zones with their theme from level 1 to whatever level the expansion they were added too started at.
When Worgen were added during Cata I was more than a little disappointed to have to walk away from the AWESOMENESS of Gilneas and the Worgen people. You finish up their starting area, just to be thrown back into old WoW and pick up like you were a Night Elf. I also found it fairly weird that the Worgen just hold up in Darnassus. Although if that was a temporary solution to the problems they were having with the Forsaken, fine. But it wasn't. They're still there and Gilneas is still empty. This is a shame. Gilneas is extremely cool and I really, really, really wish there had been a quest line at a higher level to take Gilneas back, and that would be the Worgen's home city and consequently where I would ALWAYS be.... But nope. The same thing with the Blood Elves, Draenei and Pandaren...I would say goblins, but I hated their starting zone with a burning passion that makes me hate goblins to this day. I did it once, and that was enough. But if they're going to make you start at level 1 as new races they add in, they could be so kind as to add new zones for them, all the way up to the max level of the previous expansion. That way you're not doing ALL the old zones for the 15th time. Right now it's pretty weird to level because levels 1 through 60 you're all "oh noes the Cataclysm is horrible!" and then at 60 "hey the Dark Portal opened let's go to Outland and kill Illidan" and then at 70 "To Northrend! Arthas must die!" and then at 80 we get back to "Oh noes the Cataclysm!" and it's just really weird leveling that way. The Pandaren weren't around for literally any of that in any way, so it's really weird to go do all that stuff as them. You're basically going backwards through time as a race that most people on Azeroth haven't even seen and they just act like it's normal. It doesn't really make sense.

5. should have a "show as offline" or "invisible" mode.
Last but not least, should let you hide when you're online.
Don't get me wrong, I like my friends. But some of them are needier than others, and I'd prefer to be able to hide my online status from some people sometimes. Not very often, but sometimes. Maybe I want to play my brand-new warlock and get all immersed in the game without being pestered! You can already set yourself as "away" in bnet which might deter some people from bugging you, but if it constantly says you're away and they're watching you go into dungeons and change zones, they're going to figure it out. 
Does anyone else have their own list of things that they wish was added to WoW?

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