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BlizzCon 2015 - Day 2 - Overwatch Panel and WoW Panel

Since I couldn't actually go to BlizzCon, I'm watching the live stream.
Here's my thoughts while I watch the stream!

Watching the Overwatch panel!
These maps look beautiful. Wow.
Overwatch is going to get a series of animated shorts! That's awesome.
Watching the reel for the animated shorts.
Yeah ok, can't wait to watch those.
Haha Metzen got all misty.
21 there's going to be a short for each one?
I seriously can't wait.
I love the in-game cinematics. Always have.
But I understand why Overwatch wouldn't have those.
Having them outside the game will be awesome. Easier access to them!
Q&A time.
A question about a giant artbook for Overwatch!
Sounds like there is that's going to be included in the Overwatch collector's edition.
Haha a Blizzard HQ map for Overwatch question.
Ok..."not official" answer...
"Blizzneyland"! AHAHAHA that's hysterical. I hope they make that.
A Blizzard games amusement park map for Overwatch would be hilarious.
Question is are any characters gay.
They answers yes....they're still working on how to include that kind of info.
I think that's cool. :-)
Question from a guy cosplaying as an Overwatch character lol.
What would they do if they make a full-length movie...which character would they pick and what would they say about that character?
Bastian is chosen by one guy.
Winston/Ziniata for another guy.
Genji/Hanzo story from the guy in pink.
(Obviously I don't know their names. Sorry.)
Metzen says all of them. lol
Question about locations of Overwatch, adding locations and maps, etc.
Sounds like they want to add more elements to maps or more maps eventually.
Add more maps to the same locations, etc.
Question about what the British did to enhance soldiers, like Tracer.
Tracer is unique, her abilities are unique to her.
They don't know what the British will be something awesome. lol
Question about how many of the heroes were active in Overwatch.
Metzen: 30 years ago there was a strike team called bigger and better and more advanced. Overwatch had different phases, the golden age with original characters, then the height of Overwatch with 100s of agents. And now, it's all scattered, some have retired, gone merc, gone crazy. etc. There's a bunch of villians that were never part of Overwatch....and some heroes that were never part of Overwatch either.
Question about cinematic trailer last year, a character named Soundquake, is that character going to be part of the story?
"You'll have to wait and see."
Question about Junkrat and Roadhogs mugshots, is there some kind of meaning behind the numbers.
It could have something to do with treasure Junkrat is trying to get.
Question about future comic series for Overwatch.
Blizzard is self-publishing the comics and not going with bigger comic companies.
But maybe one day.
Question, does Widowmaker and Tracer have some kind of history?
Widowmaker and Tracer do NOT get along.
"You'll have to wait and see." again, lol.
Will be answered in the animated shorts.
Haha Metzen: For the alliance!
Question, what character do you associate with?
Panel doesn't know, lol.
Guy on right says Winston.
Guy next to him says Xiniata.
Guy in pink says Junkrat lol.
Metzen says Genji, or 76.
Question, do we know why Winston doesn't like his glasses broken?
Great question! Metzen says that question will be answered, why the glasses are so important to Winston and who gave them to him.
Overwatch panel done.
What I think is cool about the fact they're exploring the lore of Overwatch outside of the game is that, for a lot of people, we want to be able to watch those videos or read those graphic novels whenever....and not have to be in-game. For other people they don't care about the lore and just want to get in and play. I think this works well for both kinds of people. :-)

WoW panel up next!
So it's incredibly meta that Gul'dan is going to the tomb of Sargeras to get Illidan....
When Illidan had gone to the tomb of Sargeras to get Gul'dan's skull before. lol
Seeing some Legion footage....omg.
It's really nice to see some of the artifact weapons in-game! They look great.
Ok now the panel is coming out.
This is an hour long? Damn I should've gotten some coffee first.
Oh boy artifacts and class halls info up first.
Hey his hair is pink! I love it. I wish I could do my hair pink.
I think his name is Craig.
First weapon, the deadwind harvester is awesome....freaking warlocks get the coolest shit.
Ok now I'm fucking pumped. I need to level my other warlock.
Artifact power seems to come from a lot of sources.
You can get it from pvp! Yes. I will be good on that then.
Artifact traits unlock abilities....neat.
Relics, you socket them into artifacts....neat. So like gems but specific for the artifact weapons.
Ooooh the upgraded version of the harvester is cooool.
I've wanted that forever in this game. ;_;
Showing all the different weapons.
Wow they look badass.
Yeah, I love all of these. lol
Class halls!
We only get to see where one class hall is.
Guess it'll be druids....of course. -_-
I assumed the class hall for druids would be in Moonglade, that's just so obvious.
BUT apparently the druid hall is The Dreamgrove.
It's pretty!
Great, now I need to level my druids. lol
I think the shaman class hall will be at the maelstrom....we'll see.
Guess we get class specific quests? That'll be cool, I don't think we've had things like that since vanilla.
Hunter's hall is in Highmountain.
Looks like we all get our own version of death gate...hunters get an eagle that carries us away. Sweet.
Jon LeCraft is up now.
Demon hunter talk!
Looks like they have a heck a lot of character customization options!
They've got their own voices.
Havoc is the dps spec.
Their resource is fury...similar to rage.
Demon's bite generates fury, chaos strike spends it, throw glaive is ranged.
Video of demon hunter attacks.....AWESOME
Demon hunters have a lot of mobility, double jump, glide (reduces falling speed), vengeful retreat and fel rush. I can see so many DHs getting stuck in ridiculous places lol.
Eye beam looks like a fun ability.
Metamorphosis sounds like an awesome ability...
I can see the Demon Hunter is going to be way OP lol.
Spectral Sight is going to be insane in
Vengeance is the tank spec.
They have a lot of protective spells and sounds like maybe high dps tank spec.
Wow vengeance has a whole different look.
Ok next guy, talking about class changes.
Kris Zierhut is his name.
Death knight runes will be one type of rune.
Fury warrior abilities have charges!
Arcane mages have a new master, savant, increases how much mana they have.
Survival hunter is melee (we knew this) we get all our old melee abilities back! :-D
Disc priests heal by doing damage.
Subtlety rogues shadowdance is passive. New shadow abilities. They can teleport. O_o
Demonology warlock more minions, no more metamorphosis.
Guardian druid are more tank and less dodge.
Shadow priests have a new resource! Insanity. omg. Turns into void form for a short time.
Shadow priests are tapping into the power of the old gods....omg.
Talents are getting redone (again).
More spec-speficicc talents.
Ok, next guy talking about professions.
His name is Paul Kubit.
More stuff to do with professions?
Tailors get cloth this time, not fur!
Looks like lots of quests related to professions.
Omg an update to the profession UI! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ok this all sounds really great.
NO more major glyphs?! Wow. Ok. :-)
We can use as many minor glyphs as we want tho! yay
Runes of Xavius?
Hahaha we can make bacon. I hate bacon but I do think that's funny.
Archeology sounds interesting.
Items talk now!
Matt Goss is speaking now.
Legion is getting more rare world drops, that will stay relevant through the expansion! Nice.
Unique effects....those sound neat. I can't type all that out tho.
Legendary items that are reminscent of old-world rare world drops. lol
Sounds cool to me.
"All Legion items can drop with an increased item level."
Does anyone else feel like Warlords was totally a test-run for all this stuff we're getting in Legion? lol
New Transmog info!
Omg can I finally get rid of my hoards of gear and weapons?!
Wardrobe collection!
"Item appearances are automatically added to wardrove"
"Toss the item once unlocked"
The wardrobe UI looks good! :-D
So you can save armor sets and link them to other people! This is basically just like the mogit addon!
We can finally, finally, hide our shoulder slots.
Transmoggable weapon enchants, shirts and tabards!
*spamming facebook and twitter with pure unadulerated excitement*

So now the virtual ticket hosts are talking to a Daiblo 3 dev....I need to go back and watch that panel, I missed it yesterday. I love Diablo 3, these dungeon sets sound awesome.

I'm not even sure what he asked. O_o
Whatever it was they said no "but amazing stuff will happen"
A question about more races, like taunka, being playable.
They say yes, but are not sure how to do it.
Question about cross-guild chat and scheduling.
Ion says they want to work towards something like this eventually.
"Will the achievement for unlocking flying in Legion be completeable at launch?"
No, it will be there but not completeable.
Question about what's up with Bolvar!
Bolvar will be seen in Legion. Beyond the Legion expansion yes, we will see him!!
Will there be more cosmetic class quests, like warlock green fire?
They're interested in doing more things like that, but not sure when/how.
A question about tagging mobs (I couldn't hear it)
Looks like some more mobs will be taggable by multiple people like how rares and world bosses are.
Will expansions ever go to an expansion release every year?
Eventually, but probably not soon.
Is Sargeras's tomb where the fallen god's remains are, or is it just a monument.
Right now, it's just a monument.
Are there any plans to improve guilds, like guild quests or guild housing?
Sounds like they want to expand guilds somehow, but maybe not housing.
Will there be new pvp battlegrounds?
No. :-(
Will zones such as the Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones change with Legion?
What is protecting Dalaran from being invaded or destroyed on the Broken Isles?
Dalaran is upgraded "dramatically" and "something big is protecting it". O_o
"Do you have any plans to resolve stories that began with Cataclysm, you've had 5 YEARS to repair the damage."
"We'll get around to it." -_-
Won't people running Legion challenge mode only take people with optimal keystones?
Long answer....basically, they don't think so? I guess.
Question about alleviating the bag space issue.
Transmog is the biggest offender and that will be resolved with the wardrobe.
"Is Titan's grip for fury warriors dead?"
No. The artifact is just too small, but titan's grip is alive and well.
Can we get a clear lore reason about there only being only one Legion int he alternate realities? Is the Archimonde we just killed the same one we killed before?
More character slots per server?
1 more slot in Legion.
Will Legion have scenarios?
No. There are quest scenarios though.
"What do I do if I want both early access via pre-order AND the physical collector's?"
Can buy both and contact customer service and get the difference.
How do you prevent multi-roll classes have a disadvantage with buying multiple legendaries?
Catch-up mechanisms to help get 2nd and 3rd weapons get powered up.
"Can we please have 3 specs?"
No......sure. We'll do that. If you're a druid, you can have 4. I LOVE THIS.
"Why are you removing multistrike but not versatility?"
MS is just a different form of crit. Versa is good for pvp and tanks.
"Will you introduce more catch-up mechanisms for alts, such as speedier rep grinds?"
"Sure" :-)
"Will we see any events like the AQ opening event in Legion?"
"No" lol. But maybe kind of. So, yes?
"Will Karazhan be relevant in Legion?"
"Yes" "Karazhan is a place of tremendous importance" I hope we get to raid it again.
"Will Kara be a 5 person dungeon?"
"lol no"
Something about Tirisfal glades?
I guess we will find out. I don't know what this is in regards too, lol.
"Where is Wrathion in Legion?"
"He's definitely there. He might have some special interest in Highmountain. Don't expect him to look the way he did before."
More questions about events and scenarios. No.
"Will old world materials become relevant again?"
"Will we get more lore on Forsaken, Tauren, Worgen, or Gnomes?"
Yes. More tauren-esque stuff in Highmountain. More Forsaken stuff. Maybe gnomes too?
"Will Old Gods feature in Legion in any way?"
"Will there be more than one raid per tier in Legion?"
Maybe for one tier?
"Do you plan to make smaller raid dungeons?"
No, but trying to do a lot with non-linear layouts.
"Will you be bringing back reforging?"
"What will happen to our artifacts in the expansion following Legion?"
Sounds like we won't use them after Legion.
Question about having bad luck on extremely rare drop items. (like Invincible)
No, they won't increase the luck.
"Where is the dance studio?"
"Under Tirisfal." "In the garrison" lol. No stupid any time soon.
Question about playing previous expansions.
No plans for that.
"Will artifacts lock players into using them even if they don't want too?"
Yes. But you can transmog it.
Something about representing race in the class hall.
Class halls are for all races.
"Are we ever going to get any Alliance character development that doesn't results in the character dying?"
Can races chat together in the class halls?
No, it's still faction-based. Demon hunters can speak demonic to each other.... wut. COOL.

In Legion will we see any alternate univers heroes?
Not yet....we'll see.
Will we see any more Gilneas?
Yes. Greymane has a role in Legion, there are some other Gilneans.
Question about PVP gear.
Can get pvp from weekly quests or strongboxes. I Guess it's the same as pve gear though.
Will we see the final expansion boss during the leveling process?
Do you plan to make mythic or raid finder flex size?
Raid finder is already flex. No flex for mythic. Mythic will stay at 20 players. :-(
"Is there any chance we'll see other classes getting new roles? Such as Warlock tank?"
No. :-(
"So how will we find groups for the new keystone challenge dungeons?"
No queues for it, group finder.
"Can you address split raiding?"
Ion says he doesn't know if there's a great way to stop it.
Will the old Nef raid in BWL have a new class call for DH?
"Going down the row of panlists, what is the one thing you think people may not notice but should check out?"
"Hunting down new legendary items"
"UI improvements." Ion
"Pretty cool improvements to effects, animations and sword trails."
"Scaling level mobs"
"Class accessories"
"Legion has the most VO of any expansion."
"Getting back into dungeons and keystones."
"If you could mention it, your favorite class spec artifact weapon?"
"Axes for blood DK, crazy cool looking. Functionality, Ashbringer"
"Fire mage runeblade" Ion
"Holy priest"
"Demon hunter havoc" but Ashbringer is his fave
"Blades of the fallen prince" frost DK weapons
"Also blades of the fallen prince"
"Eagle spear, melee hunter is amazing"
"One final question, is Jaina a dreadlord?"
"Yeah sure, she is." "Is that a real question? No! She's not a dreadlord." lol
Q&A done!
People ask weird questions don't they, lol.

Now there's some broken isles video playing with shots of the new zones.
These zones are very, very pretty.
I so can not wait for Legion!

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